To thank them for delivering a delicious batch of biscuits last week, residents of Dene Holm Residential Care Home spent a morning making handmade cards for their friends at Northfleet Nursery.

Keeping in touch has been extremely important for all of us throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and that too is the case for our care home residents. Whilst they’ve been missing visits from their loved ones, they have also been missing their visits from the children of Northfleet Nursery.

Last week, one of the nursery’s teachers, Ms Bullen, dropped off a special delivery of biscuits for the residents, to let them know they’re thinking of them and that they miss seeing them. So, this week, to say thank you, residents of the Dene Holm Road residential care home made some very special thank you cards by hand, to send back to their friends.

Chris Hutchinson, General Manager of Dene Holm said: “Just before Christmas, the children of Northfleet Nursery came to visit the residents in their home and spent a day crafting and chatting to one another. It was so successful and within weeks the residents had visited the children to watch their Nativity Play and the children had come back for more activities.

Over the next few months they really got to know one another and built friendships, some of the residents even volunteered to be Beanstalk Volunteers, helping the children with their reading. Sadly, from March, we had to stop all non-essential visits due to the pandemic, which was a real shame, however, the residents have the children in their thoughts and vice versa, and they are all looking forward to resuming visits when it is safe to do so.”