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My vote -my voice – head this way!

“With a general election coming up in 2024, our goal is simple. We want to see more people with learning disabilities and autistic people registered to vote and using their legal right to vote.” My Vote My Voice campaign

It won’t have escaped your attention that in less than two weeks there’s a UK wide General Election!

As an organisation that believes in ‘supporting stronger communities‘ – it would be remiss of us not to encourage you to use your right to vote if applicable.

Big moment for first timers!

For many of the younger people we support this will be their first opportunity to vote in a big election.

We caught up with Matt & Sally who are on our Right2Work CIC Future Choices programme – they’re both excited at the prospect of voting for the first time:

Why voting matters

“Around 1.5 million people in the UK have a learning disability, and there are over 700,000 autistic people. But research in 2019 found that less than two-thirds of the general public know that they have an equal right to vote. This needs to change. We want everyone with a learning disability and autism to know they have the right to vote. And make sure they have the right information about how to vote in the next general election.” Mencap/My Vote My Voice

Find out more

Below is a host of resources you can use – when helping someone exercise their right to vote and lots of other things like accessible and easy read manifestos and political party web pages.

Use the hashtag #MyVoteMyVoice Plus you can get much more information here

And try here:

Voting Resources Hub – 2024 – Learning Disability England

Accessible voting easy read guides for learning disabilities (

Supporting Someone To Vote | Dimensions (

Ensuring that voting is accessible | Electoral Commission

Accessible voting for all – GOV.UK (

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