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Meet Alan, a resident whose life story and passion for bingo have found a new home at Chesham Leys nursing home

Meet Alan, a resident whose life story and passion for bingo have found a new home at Chesham Leys nursing home.


Alan’s journey began in Rhyl, North Wales, in the early 70s. In his 20s, he started calling bingo at Scott’s amusement arcade where he worked for eight years. Alan loved interacting with people, inviting them to play a free game of bingo, and then encouraging them to stay and pay for a chance to win exciting prizes like portable black and white TVs and dinner sets. Though the prizes weren’t cash, the joy of winning rewards made it all worthwhile. 


After eight years at Scott’s, Alan moved to Wales for better opportunities, continuing his calling at Les Harker and Sons for two more years. His enthusiasm for connecting with people and making them smile never waned. 


Now, a resident at the Fremantle Trust, Alan’s passion for bingo is very much alive. He calls bingo for our Chesham Leys residents every week, bringing the same joy and excitement he did back in the day.


Calling bingo here reminds me of my happy days in Wales. I got to speak with people daily and share their excitement.


A recent highlight was when learners from Heritage House joined us for a game of bingo. Alan was thrilled to see the children’s faces light up with excitement. He presented prizes to the participants, creating a memorable day for everyone. 


My favorite thing about today was seeing the children’s faces light up while playing bingo and seeing how happy everybody was, even if they didn’t win.


At Fremantle Trust, we ensure our residents stay connected to their passions. Our vibrant community is bustling with activities that keep everyone engaged. From hobbies and clubs to visiting entertainers and outings, there’s always something to look forward to. 


Life at Fremantle Trust is all about vitality and thriving together. Alan’s passion for bingo continues to bring joy to him, his fellow residents, and our community. 

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