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“May the fourth be with you” Richard!

Oaklea customer Richard has been far away – in fact in a galaxy far far away! (to the rest of us who don’t have the option of inter galactic travel – the Liverpool Arena and Comicon!)

The force is strong in this one!

What better way to celebrate the ‘Force” on a weekend that fell on May the Fourth! Richard landed on his feet & he’s got his X Wing and he’s ready to join the Rebellion!

Having a Wizard of a time…

Wise words on life from Gandalf “I Have Found It Is The Small Things, Everyday Deeds Of Ordinary Folk That Keeps The Darkness At Bay.”

It’s a world away…

Just be careful when you pop to the gents!


“The Force is with me, and I am with the Force” says Danielle!

Richard was accompanied by partner in sci fi, Oaklea’s Danielle Hannan – we think she enjoyed it as much as Rich!


“We had a cracking day. The cosplay actors loved Richard’s impressions of them and he had a brilliant time. It was non stop smiling. We’re now both very tired but it was worth it.” Danielle



Transforming lives…

Having adventures like this…It’s all part of ensuring we ensure our customers benefit from the 7 Keys to Citizenship


When you break this down into smaller space particles – One of these is very appropriate for a day at Comicon!

“Being different – citizens are not identical, they have many different gifts which they bring together to build a better world” Simon Duffy, The Citizen Network (behind the 7 Keys)

But just watch out for those with ambitions for world domination!

“We will prepare, we will grow stronger. When the time is right, we will emerge and take our rightful place as the supreme power of the universe! Emergency!” The Daleks

Luckily Richard is on the case….with a Darth Vader stare to counter Davros!

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