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Local Mr Whippy Keeps Care Home Residents Cool During Heatwave

Friend of Dene Holm and local ice cream man, Danny Coyne helped residents stay cool at the Northfleet residential care home, as he treated them all to free ice creams.

It was 99s all round this week, as kind local Danny served up a sweet treat for the residents of the Dene Holm Road care home amidst the scorching heatwave.

The residents were overjoyed when he turned up with his Mr Whippy van and parked up in front of the care home. They took themselves out to choose their ice cream, and for those who couldn’t get out, staff delivered the chilled treats to them.

Christine Hutchinson, General Manager of Dene Holm said: “We’d like to say a big thank you to Danny for making such a kind gesture for our residents. It’s been so hot lately, so it really was a lovely refreshing treat.

“The visit came as such a surprise for the residents, it also stirred up a lot of nostalgia for them, as many can recall memories of ice cream vans driving around the streets in their younger days, during summers spent with their families.”

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