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Let battle commence!

We face many challenges at Oaklea – but when it comes to taking on a zombie invasion of the Lake District -we had to rely on our young people’s militia (by conscription – they signed up by registering for Oaklea Short Breaks!)

Action stations….for Lakeland Liquid Sunshine

We kept straight faces….no matter what (it was throwing it down…and we got very wet)

Olivia combat ready- blissfully unaware of kidnapping of Rachel behind!

Watch out there’s zombies about…

An acting masterclass from some of our young folks…..well we think they’re ours?

Help – they’ve gone to Zombieland!

There was so much happening – it’s best shown through our gallery! Go have a peep – and worry ye not all zombies have been zapped!

On guard! – Connor says beware!

Oh and almost forgot to mention..

The day actually started with playtime at Fell Foot National Trust Park on shores of Windermere. You can see some of the gang were already having a dress rehearsal for their upcoming (circle the) zombie manoeuvres!

An extra shout out too – to new faces..

William (and his sister!) and Alfie – who joined us for the first time -welcome aboard! Will’s mum caught up with us just as we were finishing and said how much he’d enjoyed it – we didn’t want to tell her about his excellent acting skills as a zombie as Hollywood may call!

Last but not least

Keeping straight faces under pressure….mmmm

We also need to give a big round of applause to Wayne from Lakes Laser Tag. Our co navigator, ‘Jemma with a J’ (awesome Assistant Youth Worker) led us up to Lakes Laser Tag – “Just keep going up this track” (!) – it was a dead end…thankfully Wayne came to the rescue and gave suitable hand gestures (!) to assist our bus driver in negotiating a 360 turn in challenging circumstances! Nice one Wayne -appreciated!

Finally -any trouble on future trips…Olivia has it sorted!

Boom boom…..

Find out more about Short Breaks here – Olivia says she may allow you in!

Please note if you are eligible – a new registration window will open with W&F Council in May – make sure you join us! More info here

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