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Jordan does it with ”Ease”!

It’s very much awards season in the film and creative world…and we are no different…forget the BAFTAsOscars, yadda yadda….Our own people have been giving the cinephiles a run – well a walk to be fair – for their money!

The Oaklea Mission “To support and care for people and communities so they can learn, develop and thrive….at height, on the trail and with a sense of adventure” (Jordan has updated it a bit!)

All paths lead to Jordan
Over the hills & far away…with Ease!

In a corner of Lakeland some  of our Learning2Live crew have been out & about up the fell. Keen photographer, Jordan, has been on a hike up to Easedale Tarn, above Grasmere. (910 feet or 280 metres above sea level fact fans). He liked it so much he wanted to share his trip with us all!

In fact we had a sneak preview with two of Jordan’s best known fans – fellow Windermere house mates Mollie & Grace!

Something to share – something to Proclaim!”

Anyway enough er ‘rambling’…Lets enjoy the video put together by Jordan aka ‘The Mighty J’ and support Rachel:

River deep mountain high -the critics verdict is in!

These two definitely like it -and they know what they like! If only they can give us a visual clue….

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