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Hola! -Glad to Care across the North!

To mark the end of #GladtoCare week and the vital role our care support teams make – how fitting that we get this set of images in from well known Oaklea faces, Kit & Kev from the North East and Mark from Furness…..oh and lets not forget Mary from Northumberland -as she may come to our aid….!

Water babies at large

Our ‘Barney‘ duo are not in the NE – they’ve been sunning themselves in Sunny Spain and not their home patch in Barnard Castle, County Durham!


“I really enjoyed being in Spain – It was fantastic! The Spanish food was beautiful and even sampled the beers. To go to Spain was my long term goal, I enjoyed it that much I want to return in the future. I enjoyed the pool and the beach & the hot weather.” Kit


Trunk call home….for the photo album!

Kit, Kevin & support Michael -who made the trip happen!


Yee har – Lets go for a ride – in Blackpool!

Meanwhile Mark from Barrow is making the jump to the Las Vegas of the North!


The trip made possible – and memorable -despite a soaking- from Oaklea’s Ashleigh!


“Mark has had a great day in the rain on all the fast rides at Blackpool. A few train delays didn’t stop us from getting there and a nice Pizza Hut session before getting the train home.” Ashleigh Storey



All in a day’s graft for our Care teams


Barnard Castle based Team Manager, Emma Rowley adds: “They had a amazing holiday and it has always been Kits long term goal to go to Spain. Oaklea support, Michael said he has really enjoyed supporting the customers to Spain, and the customers thoroughly enjoyed themselves. “


A fitting end to #GladtoCare week

“Glad to Care is an awareness week that stands as a tribute to highlight and appreciate the dedication of care workers. Its purpose is to express gratitude for the exceptional effort’s carers invest in the lives of care recipients.”


“#GladtoCare aims to elevate the visibility of dedicated carers. #GladtoCare is designed to boost the profile of carers, who work extremely hard with very little public recognition. The campaign seeks to demonstrate appreciation to carers.” The Care Workers Charity


Find out more here

Making the most of life – Seven ways!

#Gladtocare also neatly fits into the wider ethos that Oaklea works to – the “7 Keys to Citizenship” – the above very much ticks a few of the big one’s below – including when you drill down – “Being different – citizens are not identical, they have many different gifts which they bring together to build a better world”


Caring goes both ways – yes you Mary!

So it is appropriate we end the week – by bigging up Mary who we support in Northumberland…

She took it on herself -with support from our teams, to go and get First Aid qualified!

“We have a newly qualified first aider in Rothbury. Mary has already passed an on line course. Now with lots of planning and practice using her first aid kit at home she has achieved her wish to do a ‘proper course’ . We are very proud that she passed with flying colours.” Chris Mulraney from Oaklea who supports Mary!

…and Mary’s story clearly registered with lots of our followers. Already on the main Oaklea Facebook page, Mary’s achievement has reached more than 3,800+ people! (and still growing…) – the highest this year so far!

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