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He’s ‘Goon’ & done it!

“It was just EPIC!” so says Gooner Shane!

“Boring boring Arsenal” – Not for Shane!

Breaking sports news from the Oaklea dugout – our Shane, who we support in South Lakes, has hit the back of the net when it comes to making dreams come true!

He shoots – he scores -he jumps for joy!

Be warned – this video contains a Cumbrian Arsenal fan getting very exited! (this may not happen again!)

“Shane’s been wanting to go to an Arsenal match all his life. Seeing everyone come together to make it happen and seeing his response at the end of the match made me realise how amazing our team is . We made a dream come true and that’s what the job is all about. ” Jean Kilpatrick, (1st) Team Manager

On terrace firma

All this excitement means they might need to make extra soundproofing at his house if Arsenal make it to the Champions League Final!

In a league of his own…

Clearly from the pictorial evidence – It’s a tough life being a support worker – Shane’s support, Jesse, even had to pretend to like Arsenal (think the video clearly shows he stepped up to the plate!)

Jean adds: “The best feedback I had off Shane was it was just “EPIC.” He got the full experience. 1 nil down on aggregate. Equaliser early on. Stayed like that throughout the rest of the 90 minutes and extra time then Arsenal take it on penalties. The video says it all. It was a nervous night for all back at our house I tell ya!”

True colours!

Extra time – Next time – he can’t wait to go again – Shane hasn’t quite persuaded Jesse to go the full ‘bloke in nylon footy shirt’ yet!

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