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Having an “Absolutely Fab” time says Alice!

“We deliver the finest opportunities in the kindest possible way” -The Oaklea Vision (or as Dotti puts it ‘We had a blast in Blackpool!”

Working in social care is never dull – in fact we love to wax lyrical about it! What finer example than Oaklea regular Alice – she’s just had a truly fabulous time in Blackpool.

Do you recognise any of the characters she ‘bumped’ into….?

Why such experiences are so valuable… Oaklea Director Sue Green: “The importance of customers being supported to take part in trips and being part of their local community is multiple. It provides health and well-being benefits for the individual as well as contributing to economic prosperity for the businesses involved and breakdowns stereotypical barriers through visible integration.”

All thanks to her support team – and the curator of these lovely images – our very own Dotti Gibbons!

Dotti: “I supported Alice with her Blackpool holiday. We stayed at Tiffany’s Hotel pink hotel which Alice chose. It was a brilliant choice. She loved the cabaret acts (there were 2 different one’s every night). Alice was very popular with all the guests. She danced herself dizzy! We did a fill programme of events including the Circus in the Tower – she loved Mookey -everyone’s fav clown. Afternoon tea in the ballroom was a big highlight. As you can tell – Madame Tussauds was Alice’s fav – we were in there the longest. All in all was fabulous time for both of us I enjoyed it too.”

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