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Harvest Festival in Quantum Care Homes

Here in Britain, we have been giving thanks for successful yearly harvests since Pagan times and these have become what we now call the Harvest Festival, which usually takes place towards the end of September but can extend into October. The festival is marked in different ways by different people and institutions, but a common theme is often the sharing or charitable giving of food in one form or another.

The festival is being celebrated in a number of our care homes, usually through the preparation and sharing of special meals by residents and staff, various arts and crafts projects, giving thanks through religious or humanist events and through the decorating of homes with harvest and food related items.

A number of our care homes have also embraced the Harvest Festival’s charitable side and have set up food donation stations within their homes for visitors and guests to use. These are there to receive “cupboard” items with a good shelf life, such as rice and tinned goods and any donations will be taken to local Food Banks to help those in the community who might be struggling with their day-to-day cost of living.

So as Summer begins to fade into Autumn, we wish you all a very happy Harvest Festival.

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