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Guinness increases housing stock in Chesterfield and Derby

The Guinness Partnership has taken transfer of 115 homes in Chesterfield and 356 in Derby from Clarion Housing Group and will be managing these homes alongside its existing housing in the area. 

The homes are a mix of General Needs, Supported and Older People’s homes, and the transfer of these properties to Guinness follows consultation with Clarion’s residents.  

Ian Joynson, Executive Director of Asset Management at The Guinness Partnership said: “Guinness is committed to providing good services to our residents and the acquisition of these homes will consolidate our already strong presence in Chesterfield and Derby. This will help us to deliver services effectively and efficiently, supporting our investment in the area.  

“This is the latest in a series of successful transactions through which we have strengthened and brought greater coherence to our operating footprint. Further activity of this nature will continue to be an important element of our strategy.” 

Rob Lane, Chief Property Officer at Clarion Housing Group said: “Our Clarion 2040 asset strategy gives us clarity on where we will focus our geographical footprint and Chesterfield and Derby, were identified as areas where residents should have the opportunity to move to another landlord that has a larger presence in the area. Clarion has homes across 39 local authorities in the North of England and we have some significant development sites across Manchester, York and Leeds where we are bringing forward hundreds of new affordable homes. 

“The Guinness Partnership was selected through a process involving our Chesterfield and Derby residents. Guinness has a long-term commitment to the local area, and, like Clarion, holds the highest rating for governance from the Regulator of Social Housing (‘RSH’).” 

This stock transfer is part of Guinness’s Footprint Strategy which sees an increased presence in some priority areas, contributes to Guinness delivering efficient service to residents and maintaining its homes more effectively. 

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