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Guild Care calls on all parties: What about social care?

Social care charity, Guild Care, met the news of a general election on 4th July with a mixture of hope and scepticism. Social care is under significant pressure following decades of under-funding, unfairness and inequality. This is exacerbated by a fragmented and stretched health and local authority environment.


Announcing the election, Rishi Sunak began talking about immigration, policing, defence and the NHS. The other political parties all began campaigning on these important issues for people in the UK. But Guild Care has noticed a distinct lack of information or reference to what they consider to be one of the most significant problems facing society today: social care.


Alex Brooks-Johnson, Guild Care CEO, said, “None of the main parties are raising the issue of social care. The problem of the funding gap, which is getting wider every year, is going to get worse. The impact will be that people without significant personal wealth will face a future of inadequate care.” 


He added, “Social care is a difficult challenge to overcome, but answers are possible with the right leadership, innovation, and collaboration. We don’t expect the Government to have all the answers but would call on all parties to pledge to address the considerable issues in social care if they win the election.”


In 2019, the Government pledged to reform social care and the resulting report was dropped. In 2023, a new commitment was made to reform social care through the ‘People at the Heart of Care Paper’. These reforms were shelved shortly afterwards, although not after considerable time and money was spent on preparations. 


In addition, reviews of the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) have also been halted, leaving many vulnerable people in desperate situations as Local Authorities struggle to meet demand. These issues need to be addressed as swiftly as possible and Guild Care joins many other social care charities in calling for all parties to raise their game in pledging to take action.


Alex added, “We and our social care provider colleagues would only be too delighted to help shape some plans to address these key issues. We understand the problems well and have connections with the people who are impacted every day by the continuing delays to the long-overdue reform of social care funding.”

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