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Going Green has a Silver lining for Oaklea Trust

Reducing our carbon footprint – every step helps! Oaklea Group are pleased to announce we’ve now successfully attained Silver Certification. This is thanks to our work with IiE – Investors in the Environment (more on IiE here

For the past year we have held the Bronze, and lifted the Natural Environment Champion Award

How we got here…

It’s all down to an audit carried out by IiE. The IiE accreditation requires an organisation to provide evidence that it has met a range of pre-defined criteria, set targets to reduce its environmental impact and taken action to improve its performance whilst enhancing the community in which it operates.

Dr Jan Maskell from IiE: “Evidence is presented at an annual audit and this report provides an evaluation of the organisation’s performance as well as offers advice on the next steps for continued improvement. Oaklea has continued to show good leadership and demonstrated their commitment to improving the organisation’s environmental performance. A good understanding of resource needs and use has been shown across the different locations.”

Oaklea Director, Alex Wolfenden: “IiE’s recognition supports our environmental management system implementation and engagement with our employees and stakeholders. We continue to work in reducing our impact on the environment and embedding sustainability awareness and action into our core activities.”

A journey that’s getting greener…

Here’s some background: click here for how we got here Plus go to our CIC Right2Work for lots of examples of reduce, re-use & recycle on a daily basis
Today’s Silver announcement nicely ties in with #cycletoworkday -we are encouraging our employees and customers -well to get on their bikes!
See you in a brighter greener world!
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