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Going digital with care

Moving into the digital age – how we are making the care we give better.

iPlanit – what is it?

We use a software package called iPlanit

The best way to find out is to ask those who’ve been at the frontline using it – meet Bob ParkinsonTeam Manager in ConsettCounty Durham – here he gives us a low down:

iPlanit is a comprehensive care planning software that offers care workers immediate access to their records, enabling efficient documentation and time savings. The software allows for speech-to-text functionality, allowing quick logging of detailed notes in an individual’s record, even while on the go in community settings.

  • This streamlines tasks, allowing care workers to focus on meaningful support towards outcomes and quality-of-life.
  • The web-responsive layout ensures optimal display on different devices, making it convenient for care workers to use. Moreover, iPlanit reduces paperwork, allowing care workers to focus on delivering better outcomes and improving the lives of those under their care.
  • iPlanit empowers care workers by simplifying documentation processes, providing quick access to relevant information, and optimising their workflow for more effective and person-centred care.
  • Care workers can access their records instantly with iPlanit, a comprehensive care planning software that facilitates timely and effective documentation. Speaking to text is made possible by the software, which makes it possible to quickly record thorough notes in a person’s file even when they are out and about in public.

Good system – when used well!

Bob adds: “Care providers can concentrate on providing meaningful support for outcomes and quality of life as a result of the tasks being streamlined. It is user-friendly for caregivers because of its web-responsive layout, which guarantees optimal display on various devices. iPlanit also lessens paperwork, freeing up caregivers to concentrate on enhancing the lives of individuals they are responsible for and producing better results. In summary, iPlanit simplifies documentation procedures, gives caregivers instant access to pertinent data, and streamlines their workflow to deliver more efficient and person-centred care.”

Here’s Bob on why he has found digitising what we do makes the role easier in the long run:

Claire’s accessories -Rolling out the digital

We are also working on digital initiatives with our Right2Work CIC. They have a similar system to Iplanit – it’s called Upshot – and it’s more learning focussed.

“We have recently implemented a new IT programme called Upshot.  The system holds all our learner details, it tracks learner progress, it makes it easier to share information and updates on learners between the team.  It also ensures everything is stored confidentially as there is no paperwork lying around. A win for the environment too!

We also have to ensure we are cyber aware and follow strict policies and procedures in relation to our IT systems, mobile phones, printing, buildings and environment and that our IT provider iTek is a suitable and reputable company; which they are!” Claire Westmorland, Employment Manager, R2W

Care with compassion when managing data

Some wider context here from Oaklea DirectorAlex Wolfenden:

“Digital social care records (DSCRs) are software solutions for recording an individual’s care information; replacing paper records. They are sometimes called an electronic or digital care plan. The Oaklea Group’s digital journey to introduce electronic records helps us to meet our CQC requirements; providing good quality records, communicating clearly and underpinning safe, effective, compassionate and high quality care. They allow us to share important information quickly and safely and capture information more easily at the point of care.

Digitising helps in so many ways…We have used digital already in other areas as digital transformation is not just about care plans and this will provide good evidence for our CQCiiE (Investors in the Environment) and IiP (Investors in People) audits.

Alex adds: “We have also reviewed other processes and we are changing how we manage other data as part of our digital journey; which not only supports our digital transformation but also our commitment to reducing waste and our environmental impact as a whole. The Group already utilise digital platforms for our HR information, employee holiday bookings and online learning and development and we have seen progress in the digital skills of confidence of our teams. There is still more work to be done as Oaklea focusses on continuous improvement; including improving connectivity issues for some locations, ensuring we have the right equipment for teams to access these online platforms and ensuring we provide the right skills, training and governance structures to our teams throughout our continued digital transformation journey.”

We will leave the last word with Bob

Overall he says going digital is a positive for everyone – our teams, those we support and their families.

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