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Future visits made easy!

One of our fabulous Learners on our R2W Future Choices programme – Matt Tuson has created a welcome video to guide visitors to the R2W/Oaklea Headquarters in Kendal. This is handy not just for those coming for a meeting and so forth but also for anyone attending sessions at Station House too (there is a dedicated learning space for Future Choices for example).

Creative head on young shoulders….

Matt is doing a digital media course at Kendal College – he’s a big rock music fan too – but decided against using one of his favourite Nirvana tunes, ‘Come as you are‘ as the music bed!

Going up….

So enjoy Matt’s creation…which as you may spot – also involves some of his fellow Learners – Jess, Miya, Sally and Future Choices Laura ‘Banksy’ Banks – they lift us all up!

Pleased to Meet-ing Room you!

At Station House -as mentioned above – we also have a bespoke space for Learners – a Learning Room in fact!

Where are you again?

Find out more about our address and accessibility etc here.. or here

Plus more on Community Learning here

Time to point the finger at Matty – er the door!

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