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Fundraising for Charity at Quantum Care

Running the Cancer Research Race for Life has always featured as one of our fundraising highlights of the year. Volunteer runners from Quantum Care would gather together at our Head Office car park to be shuttled by minibus to Stanborough Park in Welwyn Garden City to run the 5k event.  It’s quite a show, particularly because everyone wears pink, and to have such a large gathering of people from across the county, and even further afield, all gathered together for a single charitable cause, is a wonderful thing to see.

For most Quantum Care runners, the race is a steady paced affair; for a few it’s about beating last year’s personal best. For other people, well, running isn’t really their thing so it’s more about MacMillan Coffee Mornings, with cake, and biscuits. These mornings feature heavily right across all of our care homes and are very popular with residents and their families as well as staff members. It’s easy to see why, but we never lose sight of what these, and other events are for. To raise funds for charity, and across all of our homes this adds up to a contribution that we’re collectively proud of.

It seems like every week there’s a new charitable event taking place, usually in our homes, but also often at Head Office, which has been gripped by the Alzheimer’s Society Football World Cup sweepstake. Pulling your team name out of a hat is a real moment of excitement.

No one needs to be pushed to organise or take part in any of the charitable events that take place. It just happens organically and with great enthusiasm. For instance, our recent “Wear it Pink” event, which raised funds for “Breast Cancer Now” saw even the most wardrobe challenged among us make an effort, even if it meant some guy from marketing just wearing a pink hair band.

This same story must play out in so many places of work, schools, clubs, homes and in any number of other places. The people of the UK gave £10.7 billion to charitable causes in 2021 and even more the year before. We’re a nation of givers and long may that continue.

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