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Full steam ahead on the Pizza Express says Leon!

Forget cancelling HS2 to the North – we have bigger train related Northern stories for you involving Oaklea customers and employees!

Tickets please – To York…..

Leon from South Lakes has had a fabulous time on a trip and stay in the historic city of York. Luckily his companion for the duration – and ace support, Jesse Oguntimehin was able to create a timetable of their adventures for us – you wait for 1 train related metaphor and then Jesse…

Day 1 Arriving at: Railway Museum & Tea at Pizza Hut

Having a Rail-y good time – What can we say – they both loved the National Rail Museum!

Oh….and Leon & Jesse are lovin’ eating out…they even sent a quick review -as it makes a nice change from home…

Day 2 Arriving at: York Minster

They came they saw – they entered the Minster with a furry friend…

A time for contemplation….

Jesse (our on boarding Oaklea conductor…) tells us about the trip: “The trip started with Leon buying the tickets a week before with the journey starting from Oxenholme with a change over at PrestonLeon took his cat teddy with him which led many to smile at him throughout our trip.” 

Railway story time – pay attention puddy tats!

Tunnel vision….

Jesse: “We stayed at a hotel and Leon really enjoyed it as well, making himself a coffee brew.

Last call for the Pizza  Express buffet car!

Leon – the new on board taster menu?

Clearly they made such an impression – a statue was erected near the Minster!

Top double act

….”We spent the night in York and the next day was York Minster, lunch and then train spotting (We’d never have guessed Jesse & Leon – Webmaster) before heading back.”

One man & his cat!

Shhhh -Has Jesse nipped back for second helpings of pizza?

Off the rails… way

Now departing – we’re heading home!

Can you keep a secret…..? We get the impression these two like their trains! Toot toot!

Jesse adds: “Leon really enjoyed the train ride there and back and he was so familiar with the train stops.”

No stopping these guys….

Homeward Bound on the Happiness Express

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