Amanda Brooks, 59, has been ice-skating for over 40-years, and teaching the sport for more than 35. She’s won over 400 ice-skating competitions and has gone through 50 pairs of ice-skating boots. After the closure of Bristol’s ice-rink in 2012, Amanda wanted to take her career in a different direction, and became a Community Carer at Brunelcare.

Amanda said: “I started ice-skating when I was just 10-years-old after watching a television programme. I asked my mother if she could take me and we went the same week. I loved ice-skating from the moment my skates touched the ice. I know I didn’t want to do anything else when I finished my first lesson.”

Amanda received her first pair of ice-skating boots for her 11th birthday, and had 10-weeks worth of classes, where she passed her first grade ice skating certificate and continued to flourish in the sport.

Amanda used to practice seven days a week before she finally qualified as a coach in 1971 at the age of 25. She then went on to teach people from the ages of 3 – 80-years-old.

After Bristol’s ice-rink closed in 2012, Amanda, decided to take her career in a different direction and put her skills of teaching and caring for people in the ice-skating world into a career in care.

Amanda said: “I wanted to take a break from ice-skating to do something different. I loved teaching and I love caring for people, so I thought a career in care would suit me. I found the Community Carer role at Brunelcare in 2013, and I’ve not looked back since, I’ve been with the charity for nearly a decade and I absolutely love it!”

Amanda has been with Brunelcare for nearly 10-years and is a manual handling trainer and medication assessor, with new starters at the charity shadowing her care work almost daily.

Amanda said: “Caring and ice-skating aren’t as different as people may think. They are not polar opposites, ice-skating has lots of transferable skills, such as encouraging people to do things, coaching them, building confidence, and encouraging people to do the best that they can, while always offering a helping hand if they need it.”