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Friends of the Elderly and TNS Catering Dedicated to Delivering High Quality, Nutritional Meals to Residents and Day Care Clients Living with Dementia

Charity And Catering Company Support Dementia Action Week 2024


Recognising and marking this year’s Dementia Action Week, charity Friends of the Elderly (FotE) and catering company, TNS Catering, are sharing how they work together to ensure that residents and day care clients who are living with dementia enjoy tasty and nutritional meals and snacks.


Friends of the Elderly runs care homes, day care services and a grant giving service for vulnerable, older people throughout England.  Everyone at the charity is  committed to supporting older people to live well in later life. For residents and day care clients who are living with dementia, the care teams are focused on encouraging independence and providing high quality care with dignity that meets each individual’s needs.


Providing and delivering appealing and appetising meals and snacks is vitally important, especially for those who are living with dementia. People living with dementia may also experience changes to the foods they like and dislike. This is why the FotE’s care teams and the TNS catering teams work closely together to ensure that meals and snacks are tailored for those living with dementia.


“We work closely with the care teams and Registered Manager at each care home and day care service to determine the individual needs of each resident,” said Steve Hughes, the Business Director at TNS. “We produce a weekly menu so that all residents, day care clients and their families can clearly see what the choices are for the week. If a particular resident or day care client wants something different, then we change our menu to ensure they are happy and accommodated.”


With Friends of the Elderly’s commitment to bespoke, individualised care, each resident and day care client has their own detailed care plan which is regularly reviewed and monitored. TNS then supplements each care plan with a tailored Food Profile that details each individuals’ likes, dislikes and preferences.


In addition to the daily tasty, nutritional meals, each care home and day care service

has a range of Grazing and Hydration Stations to help encourage and entice

residents and clients to eat and stay hydrated throughout the day.


The fridges are always stocked to ensure the Stations can be freshly replenished

with items such as healthy sandwiches, sausage rolls and fruit alongside a few

treats such as biscuits. The Stations also include a selection of juices, squash,

flavoured waters and, of course, plain iced water, with tea and coffee also available



For any residents or day care clients who have Dysphagia and difficulty swallowing, TNS’s Chefs create ‘Modified Meals’. “All of our Chefs, Relief Chefs and Operations Managers have received formal IDDSI training and receive ongoing support from our Head Of Culinary, Jack Godfrey,” Steve continued.


“Depending on the IDDSI level, we will use innovative techniques and cooking methods to puree the food and make it look authentic, ensuring that the nutritional content is retained. Some of the Chefs will use a thickener to help stabilise some of the dishes, but we use fresh ingredients – such as potatoes or other fresh vegetables – to thicken some of the food.


“About seven years ago, we developed our own product to assist with hydration for residents living with dementia – Hydreats ℗. They are in the form of what looks like a sweet or wine gum, but in fact it is a flavoured water jelly that dissolves in the mouth. We can make any flavour and they take only 20 minutes to produce and we have them available in all of the care homes and day care services.”


“Working with the TNS Team, we ensure we meet the individual needs of everyone we care for,” said Cheryl Rothschild, Friends of the Elderly’s Care Home Director. “We make sure all our meals and snacks are created using the freshest ingredients and fulfil the needs and likes of every person we care for and support.”


“For nearly 20 years we have worked in partnership with Friends of the Elderly providing positive meal experiences for the residents and day care clients who deserve the very best – every day,” concluded Steve.

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