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Five little known facts about the charity Lilian Faithfull Care

1.End of Life Care

End of Life care is provided in all of the Lilian Faithfull Care homes and in addition, a specialist suite was opened last year at St Faith’s care home in Cheltenham.

The Fairhaven Suite gives privacy, peace and comfort for adults in their final days, weeks or months. A key part of its care is the support, space and facilities it offers to families and friends, enabling them to spend quality time with their loved ones.

Joan was the first person to be cared for in The Fairhaven Suite and her daughter explains; “We stumbled across here .  “It has a really nice feel and it was exactly what we wanted.  We knew mum was on end of life so the whole set up is so good here. It was peaceful and you have enough privacy in the room but then the nursing staff were always on hand.”

“Mum was here two weeks; it felt like a long time as we literally moved in.  They really kindly put beds up in the room, and a lovely reclining chair.  The rooms were so nice as they were so spacious and airy. The staff were fantastic, I couldn’t fault them, all through the day the day and night.  They were so kind and caring, nothing was forgotten and nothing was too much trouble.” 


2. Dementia Care Suites   

Care for those living with dementia is offered in all of the Lilian Faithfull Care homes and day care hubs. In addition, for those requiring extra dementia care, there are two dedicated suites, across Faithfull House and Royal Court, with another opening soon. These suites offer care in family-sized communities and help to bridge the gap between residential and nursing care. 

“We opened our first extra care suite over 5 years ago and we are continuing to expand the number we offer as we’ve seen so many positive benefits for those living with us. Residents gain reassurance from the calm, quiet environment and the familiarity of having a dedicated staff team.” explains Suzanne Booker, Director of Care at Lilian Faithfull Care. “Our next suite is opening in the autumn at Royal Court where residents will have their own apartments within the suite. There will also be safe access to a garden, which can give a feeling of wellbeing and stimulate memories with physical activity.”


3. Adult Day Care Hubs                     

For people living independently the charity has two hubs offering adult day care. Mike Clayton who is a regular visitor to the Secret Garden Day Hub in Cheltenham explains;

“The things I enjoy about going to the hub is the normality it brings and a feeling of being safe. If you get a chance to visit the hub, come, you will not regret it.”  Mike’s visits have been supporting his recovery from a serious health episode, “Coming here and seeing other people with disabilities – for want of a better word – it makes me feel I am not on my own. My visits are the highlight of my week.”

As another of the guests, Loretta explains;

“It’s got everything you need here, friendships, food and activities.” and Loretta particularly values the lively conversations with staff and fellow guests. 

Over the last few months trips and activities have included the popular twice weekly ‘Easy Fit’ sessions, watercolour art, pottery, baking, poetry, word games, 1960s theme day, boat trip, live music, bowls, gardening and a visit from a rescue Shetland pony.

A new younger group has recently started each Tuesday for those diagnosed with early onset dementia. This separate group have activities and trips of their choosing and help people face the particular challenges of living with this condition at a younger age.


4. Care for Couples             

Couples can live together at Lilian Faithfull Care homes.

Options include double rooms and/or apartments and some couples also choose to have their own rooms to accommodate varying needs.  The charity can also alter rooms to suit people’s particular requirements.

Margaret and Joseph moved to Faithfull House earlier in the year and Margaret shares her experience of ‘moving into care’;

“It’s been good for us and we’re still together. It took me a while to settle but I am very glad not to be running a house. I hadn’t realised what a pleasure it would be to come down for a meal that’s been cooked for you. We get a dessert at lunch and supper which is a treat and we have a sherry before lunch – something I would never have had time for at home as I would be busy cooking.”

Since coming to Faithfull House they have been able to enjoy trips out together organised by the activities team. Recently this included going on a canal boat cruise, which was particularly special for Joseph as he had been an officer in the Royal Navy reserves. It was the first time in a long while that he had been on a boat.


5. Cycling Trips

Have you spotted the Lilian Faithfull Care ‘Trishaw’ bike around Cheltenham? When the weather allows the charity offers cycle rides on traffic-free routes to residents and day guests thanks to a specially adapted bike and a team of volunteers and staff. 

“It always gives people a real boost. It is stimulating out in the fresh air and there is always a lot of interaction with other people when we are out riding.” explains Martin DeGroodt, Physiotherapist (and cyclist) at one of the residential care homes, Faithfull House.

It was particularly special for two residents Doreen and Ernest, who met through a shared love of cycling in the early 1950s. Thanks to the trishaw, they were once again able to share another cycle ride together where they both enjoyed the opportunity for ‘people watching’ around Montpellier Park.

Lilian Faithfull Care have six homes and two adult day care hubs and a ‘Home for Life’ promise; no one is asked to leave due to their personal financial circumstances.

For advice on care please contact Lilian Faithfull Care by calling 01242 514319 or visiting

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