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Ducklings bring spring joy at Belong Macclesfield

Residents at the not-for-profit Belong Macclesfield dementia care village watched in wonder as Easter was heralded by new life and new beginnings, with the arrival of five ducklings.


The new additions have been hatched as part of an ‘incredible eggs’ project, organised by household team leader Laura Barsted, to create opportunities for residents to support the hatching process and provide care and love to their new companions.


Five eggs arrived at the village, complete with incubator, and within 24 hours, the first of the eggs had hatched. Roll on 72 hours and Dwayne, Daphne, Donald, Delilah and Delwyn were firmly established as fully fledged members of the Belong Macclesfield community, even attending one of the village 10@10 management meetings.


The ducklings brought great delight to residents, tenants and colleagues alike over the Easter period ahead of moving to their new home with one of the residents’ relatives.


Commenting on the experience, Belong Macclesfield resident Joyce Bostock, who was celebrating her birthday, said: “How lovely it is to be able to hold a duckling. It has really made my day.”


On the impact on village life, Laura added: “The residents have taken to looking after our ducklings like a duck to water! It has been incredibly moving to see them stroke them and welcome them into their home.”


“It has also contributed to the vibrant spring feeling as children have come especially to see the ducklings.”

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