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Dorothy – at 71 years young she has no plans to retire!

When you meet Dorothy, you wouldn’t guess that she is 71 years old – older indeed than some of the residents she is so passionate about caring for.

Nabela Shahid, manager of Rowanweald Residential and Nursing Home, where Dorothy has worked in care and activities for 17 years, says: “She is amazing – she has more stamina and energy than most 18-year-olds!

For Dorothy, working at the home, in Harrow Weald, gives her such a sense of purpose.

It’s something to look forward to – it makes me feel like I am still living! Our residents mean a lot to me – they are like family. You always want to do your best for your family and that’s how I feel about our residents.

For Dorothy, her seven grandchildren keep her young at heart. And she brings this same ‘youthful enthusiasm’ to work with her each and every day.

When you are a grandparent, you can be as silly as you like – I love interreacting with the residents and we love to sing – sometimes it’s nice to go a bit crazy and some days we just laugh!

From spending one-to-one time reminiscing or thinking of creative ways to keep her residents active – from ball games to balloon badminton, Dorothy loves her job.

And a very special way she connects with her residents, especially those living with dementia, is through music.

We are always playing music and it’s amazing when you hear the residents singing along with you. It feels so good, like you are reaching them and connecting. It’s a lovely feeling and it makes my job so worthwhile.

For Dorothy, she has no plans to hang up her badminton racket or put away her song books any time soon!

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