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Digesting a job well done!

Our favourite Right2Work property maintenance double act have struck again – and they’ve left everyone with a satisfied taste!

Something to digest with Barry & Jim

Community Works have completed a big refurb on an Oaklea property in Ulverston.

The communal bathroom and kitchen areas underwent a dramatic transformation.

Changing Rooms…

Oaklea Registered Manager for FurnessSue ‘Milly’ Millington (and acting head of biscuit procurement) says: “The shared bathroom area hadn’t been upgraded for some time -it was looking tired and dated so it’s great to see it’s new fresh look. It’s really impressive now when you walk in – really really nice.”

In with the new…

Sue adds: “We’ve also had the kitchen done – the new work surfaces have made a real difference -and now make quite an impact. They now match the new flooring we have had done in the hallway and dining room. On behalf of the Yealand Drive team – we are really chuffed with the job.”

If you can’t stand the heat – dunk!

Sue says as well as the revamp challenges posed, one of the biggest tasks that -tbf it kept everyone amused- was heated debate over what biscuits should be enjoyed at brew time!

Sue Barry drinks far too much coffee and Big Jim is too chatty (who knew….!) – hence the choice of biscuits led to much lively debate with our customers and team. Luckily it ended happily ever after as a good quality digestive satisfied everyone -and it was agreed – no mixing of flavours!”

R2W refreshes the parts: It may be worth noting – here at R2W we have a long history of selecting the choice of accompaniment! This is Joe from The Furniture Warehouse – is it a cake or is it a biscuit….Oh lets not go there!

Get the digestive duo on your next job!

Find out more about our friendly Community Works service and what they can do for you – and make sure you source the right biscuits!

We don’t always roll out the red carpet….But like our Ulverston customers -you’ll be well happy with the result….

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