We are writing to seek your participation in a research project that will study the impact of Covid-19 on retirement villages and extra care housing schemes across England.

Led by the St Monica Trust, in partnership with the Housing Learning & Improvement Network, the RE-COV research project has been funded by the Dunhill Medical Trust.
The primary aim of the research is to better understand the experiences of retirement village operators and extra care housing providers, and their residents and staff, during the pandemic.

The invitation to participate in this research is being sent to the 280 operators managing 1,400 retirement villages and extra care housing schemes across England.
The findings from the RE-COV research project will be shared with housing and care providers, and nationally, so they can be used to inform practice, planning and requirements relating to the current pandemic, as well as for pandemics occurring in the future.

The results will be shared with Government as the best evidence to date of the role operators of extra care housing and retirement villages have played in seeking to keep their residents safe and maintain their health and wellbeing.

It will also provide evidence that operators of retirement villages and extra care housing schemes can share with their residents and their family members as well as with funders and commissioners.

There are two surveys:
• The main survey is intended to be completed by each retirement village and extra care housing operator to provide us with data at an organisational level in terms of the impact of and response to Covid-19. The link to the online main survey is: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/COVID19mainsurveyECH_RV
• The supplementary site survey is intended to be completed, if possible, for each site that an operator has. The link to the online survey is: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/COVID19individualsitesurveyECH_RV

To assist with collating the data required to complete the surveys, we have for information only, attached copies of both surveys with this invitation. Please do not complete and return the attached surveys; please complete the surveys online.