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Christmas so far – it’s been a cracker!

It’s that time of the year when we reflect on what has been achieved and what lies ahead.

Let’s raise our glasses – we’ve almost made it through another year!

We’re rolling out the year in style…

Laura & Sarah have been encouraging donations to Oaklea with a tombola at HQ

A seasonal message from Oaklea Chair, Chris Harris

“Looking out over the snow-clad hills of the Lake District, I am reminded that we are fast approaching Christmas and the festive season.  This year has not been without its challenges, but there have been triumphs too and once again, in the spirit of our Mission, your dedication, kindness and compassion have made an immeasurable impact on the lives of those we serve for which I sincerely thank you all.”

A time to reflect

Christmas is a time for reflection, and I am deeply moved by the dedication and concern you give so generously to our customers and learners.  Your commitment and hard work are warmly appreciated by the Boards of the Oaklea Trust and Right2Work who are truly grateful for the positive energy you bring to the workplace.

Changes at the top

This year saw the retirement of Dr Jane Sullivan as Chair of Right2Work.  I am much indebted to Jane for steering our CIC with such energy and good sense, helping to make Right2Work the successful company that it has become. Jane played a pivotal part in helping to set the Five-Year Plan (2023-28) for the Oaklea Group and we wish her well for her future (and look forward to hearing more of her exciting travels around Europe in the camper van). Right2Work is in safe hands under its new Chair, Stephen Welch, who we wish well in his new role.

North East to North West – we are in good hands

After much trying, we have recruited a trustee for the Oaklea Board from the North East.  A graduate of the University of Newcastle, Craig Smith, brings extensive experience of working as a senior manager and consultant within large, well known commercial organisations.  Our Oaklea Trustees and Right2Work Directors are unpaid volunteers who bring their life and professional experiences to steer and oversee the good governance of both organisations.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for their service and commitment.

Looking forward to 2024

I hope that this Christmas brings you moments of joy, laughter and, whether you are working or resting, some precious time with loved ones. As we approach a New Year, which will inevitably bring its own challenges but also exciting opportunities, let’s carry forward the spirit of compassion and teamwork into 2024 so that we continue to improve the lives of those who rely on our care and support. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

How some of our Oaklea customers and employees have been marking the festive season ….and very much in keeping with what our Chair, Chris, has been saying…

Never a dull moment with Lewis -all year round!

Dawn Thomson, from Oaklea in Barrow: “Lewis is one of our star tenants and despite his disabilities he is always active and loves a good challenge. We have – in a joking way – said he could be the activity coordinator at our house. There is never a dull moment when Lewis around!” 

Talking of what a year – new faces emerge

We also have a message from the respective chair of our CIC, Right2Work, Stephen Welch

On behalf of the R2W Board, I would like to thank staff, customers, volunteers and partners for all the support that you have given to the organisation over the last twelve months. As we begin a new year, I am particularly delighted to welcome three new Directors to the Board, Julia Wood, Leslie Spring and Colin Mitchell. With a strengthened team, I am confident that we can continue to grow R2W and build upon the success of our programmes as we enhance the lives and well-being of our customers. I would like to wish everyone a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas and happy and prosperous New Year.

Below – New R2W Trustees – Leslie, Julia & Colin

So let it not be said – We’ve truly got an antler…nee handle on the festive spirit!

Nor let it be said – that no ideas are left on the shelf come 2024!

If you can’t get enough of the Festive spirit

Learner Ben captures the R2W TFW Christmas Party

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas – get to the R2W Eden Workshop

Care in the snow and more

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