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Carrying a Torch for many celebrations!

It’s been quite a few days at Oaklea. In fact we’ve been bigging things up in more ways than one.

Drumming up the love for Carnival!

First -it was a chance to join a grand procession -with a super time guaranteed – no KIDD-ing! In fact it was an Oaklea family affair with support duo Karen Kidd & Rebecca -Becki- Kidd!

The weekend saw the Annual Torchlight Carnival & Procession in Kendal – and Oaklea customers and employees were on hand to make the most of it…

Alice & Patrick with support from Becki Kidd had a truly memorable time.

Find out more about Torchlight here

“Back of the Net says Des” -Happy Birthday

Meanwhile – One of our much loved people we support in Kendal – and former Postmaster General at Oaklea HQ – Des, seen here celebrating his birthday! He shoots….he scores – he eats yummy cake with friends! (The decision did go to VAR as to who got first bite…..luckily it went quite rightly to Des!)

Oaklea Registered Manager for KendalAlex ‘Mayo’ Williams was on hand to assist with the proceedings – and heard scoffing in the background: “He got the first slice…and may I add – the cake was delicious!”

A cake of two halves…

Meanwhile Helen’s all ‘Wrapped up’- Olly Olly!

Elsewhere, Helen from Kendal, had an utterly FAB trip to Liverpool – she went to see her favourite Olly Murs and also couldn’t resist standing in the footsteps of musical giants! (she’ll never walk alone…)

Until next time…..all this made possible by our social care support staff!

Becki adds: “We had a great time and the bonus was we got to keep the fabulous flowers!”


Oh and if you haven’t had enough – we ‘KIDD’ you not…

There’s a top invite hot off the coffee machine from Becki KK – join them at Nina’s Coffee Shop in Kendal. Every Tuesday from 0930! All welcome says Becki! Make friends, catch up on the latest chat and just have fun together!

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