With all of our residents and staff across our care homes having been offered their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, our staff members share what it means to them to be part of the initial rollout and why they think others should get theirs, when offered.

“I got the vaccine as soon as the opportunity became available to me,” says Angela Ryan, Learning and Development Officer, “I’m sure it’s the only time I’ve ever felt excited to get a vaccine and now I feel relieved to have had both doses. Not everyone in our community is able to recover from Covid-19 and my lovely dad was one of those, he died in a care home in June. This disease has caused so much suffering and I consider the vaccine our best chance to be rid of it.”

Rashellee Wauchope, a Carer at Rogers House Residential Care Home in Wigmore was also delighted to receive her vaccine, after both she and her parents became ill with Covid-19. “I contracted Covid-19 twice,” says Rashellee, “the first time I was very unwell but the second time, after having my vaccine, I wasn’t affected as much just a headache and feeling tired. At the time, I was also taking care of my parents, who both had the virus and were affected badly; my father in particular was very poorly. I have advised them both to be vaccinated when offered and would advise anyone to do the same to protect themselves and their families.” 

Another of our team, who contracted the virus and unfortunately had to go to hospital, was Viv Allen, Housekeeper at David Baxter House, “I was so ill with Covid-19 just before Christmas that I had to go to hospital. I wouldn’t want to be that ill again and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone else either. Rapport Housing & Care organised the vaccine for me, which made me feel like a valued member of the team. Having been so poorly, having the vaccine was an easy decision for me!”

Katrina Levett, Director of Operations at Rapport Housing & Care said: “The vaccine is without a doubt our best, and only, form of defence in beating Covid-19, so we are keen to encourage all eligible staff to take the opportunity to have theirs. We understand there are some mixed messages out there and some people have reservations, so I would urge those people to chat to their line manager so we can reassure them and alleviate their concerns.”