Throughout January, Brunelcare, a Bristol based charity, will be unveiling inspiring stories about what it’s like to work, live and be a part of something more at Brunelcare.

The campaign will focus on bringing to life untold stories hidden within the charity and unveil an amazing, heart-warming video about what it’s like to work and start a career at Brunelcare.

As part of the campaign, one astonishing story will be shared per week throughout the month of January.

Stories such as Saffron Gardens resident Lena, who’s turning 100-years-old and shares her birthday with her carer, 61-years her junior, an uplifting story about a Great Grandmother and her Great Granddaughter who have both worked for the charity in WW2 and today in 2020, and how two carers with an age gap of 25-years have teamed up as partners to deliver fantastic community care together.

Brunelcare will also be sharing a story from the charities unsung heroes and how housekeepers, chefs and activity coordinators keep the company ticking.

The purpose of the campaign is to bring Brunelcare to life, allowing people to discover what it’s like to be part of something more.