“It’s just a wonderful week and we’re so thankful to all our amazing volunteers”

Volunteers’ week is an annual event that celebrates the millions of wonderful volunteers across the UK and it started yesterday! (01st June) Brunelcare will be celebrating Volunteers’ Week by creating an emotive video full of thank you messages from the charity’s residents, tenants, guests and Brunelcare’s CEO, Oona Goldsworthy. They will also be posting messages, infographics and images of thanks daily on Brunelcare’s social media channels too.

So far this year, and before restrictions were introduced by the Government, Brunelcare, a charity supporting older people in the South West for nearly 80-years, managed to organise 16 coffee mornings, eight gardening sessions for Brunelcare sites and six amazing day trips for some of the tenants and residents.

Emma Gwynne, Volunteering Development Manager at Brunelcare said: “Volunteers’ Week is just amazing, it’s so humbling to have an entire week that recognises the amazing and selfless efforts of people. I just want to wish everyone a happy Volunteers’ Week and to say thank you to all our volunteers – you’re all incredible!”

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Brunelcare launched its own volunteering initiative to ensure residents, tenants, guests and clients didn’t feel isolated during lockdown. Brunelcare offered volunteering schemes such as Friends on the Phone, a telephone befriending service giving tenants and clients the chance to build relationships with volunteers; Drive to Care, an initiative launched so vital supplies, such as PPE, could be driven across all Brunelcare sites and finally, a pen pal scheme, where over 300 letters were sent to the residents and tenants at the Charity from volunteers. Brunelcare has also had volunteers in catering and administration.

Last year, Clive Iles, 83, was honoured with a certificate of recognition for being one of Brunelcare’s longest serving volunteers after dedicating his time at Deerhurst Care Home for 20-years! Due to current circumstances, Clive is currently keeping safe at home and is looking forward to returning to Deerhurst.

Clive said: “I absolutely love volunteering with Brunelcare, it keeps me busy and on my feet while I’m still able. I work with some fantastic people and really enjoy the social element of my role.”