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Brian – Resident story

Since moving to Wimborne House in 2019, Brian, aged 88, has not looked back. His social life has improved, and his limited mobility is no longer a reason for him to feel isolated. Brian has made new friends, enjoys going to the Taste restaurant for lunch and lives nearer to family.

Before moving to Wimborne House Brian lived on his own in a second floor flat.  One day while taking the rubbish out, Brian fell. Lucky for him a next door neighbour heard his call for assistance. Following the incident, Brian’s niece suggested he look at moving somewhere more suitable where he could feel safe. After doing some research, Wimborne House in Gravesend looked the perfect fit – a good location so Brian’s niece could visit, somewhere that they would both have peace of mind about Brian’s safety and wellbeing, and an opportunity for Brian to have more social contact.

Brian now lives in a spacious ground-floor flat, where he comes and goes as he pleases and uses his mobility aids to move around his flat. Brian regularly has lunch in the onsite Taste restaurant at the weekend and Sanctuary Retirement Living staff do daily wellbeing checks. Brian now has peace of mind knowing that if he needs help, he can press his pendant, and someone will always respond. The Care and Support Team help Brian with showering, serve lunch in his flat Mondays to Thursdays and clean his flat once a month. He also knows his care package can be adapted from week to week, as his needs change.

Since his move in 2019, Brian’s self-confidence and quality of life has improved drastically. Wellbeing and Inclusion Assistant, Lena O’Mara, said: “When Brian first moved to Wimborne House, he didn’t feel comfortable engaging with other residents or taking part in any activities because of his stooped posture. Brian now enjoys going to the Taste restaurant and socialising with other residents. Brian has developed a good relationship with both staff and residents, he has made some lovely friendships here.”

Brian said: “I’ve never regretted moving here, I love my flat and all the space I have compared to my old place. I’m very grateful for all the care and support I receive at Wimborne House, all the staff here are very good. I enjoyed the coming out of lockdown BBQ that was organised by the team here and I’m looking forward to and I’m looking forward to another one when the sun comes out again!”

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