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Bournemouth care home embarks on a virtual escape to the sun

Residents from Care South’s Wickmeads care home in Tuckton, Bournemouth, enjoyed a spirited celebration of National Australia Day on 26th January. In commemoration of the 1788 landing of the First Fleet and the raising of the Union Flag at Sydney Cove, Wickmeads transformed the day into a week-long festivity of activities, bringing the warmth and vibrancy of Australia to its residents.

Wickmeads took its residents on a virtual escape to the sun, immersing them in the rich and diverse culture of Australia. The week-long celebration kicked off with an exploration of Aboriginal history, art, and language, allowing residents to gain a deeper understanding of the indigenous heritage of this remarkable land.

Residents eagerly embraced their creative sides during art sessions, trying their hand at Australian-inspired artworks. The engaging activities continued with an Australian quiz, providing residents with the opportunity to learn fascinating facts about the “land down under.”

One of the highlights of the celebration was an armchair travel adventure, guided by a virtual travel companion. Residents embarked on a captivating journey through the country’s breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture, all experienced through the magic of YouTube videos.

Mike, the talented chef at Wickmeads, brought the taste of Australia to the celebrations. Residents enjoyed an array of authentic Aussie ‘tucker’, with everyone savouring the delights of an Aussie Meat Pie, a delectable omelette dish, and individual pavlovas. The pavlova, a sweet meringue-based dessert, sparked lively discussions among residents as they pondered the ongoing debate on whether it originated in Australia or New Zealand.

Sadie, a resident at Wickmeads said: “Exploring Australia this week has been a fantastic experience. From learning about Aboriginal art to savouring Aussie Tucker, every moment has been a joyous celebration of culture.”

Hudson Hougham, Activities Lead at Wickmeads, added: “Our Australian Week celebrations have been a great journey for residents in our care, fostering a deeper connection with the vibrant culture of Australia through Food, Fun and Friendship. Through engaging activities and virtual escapades, we’ve not only celebrated National Australia Day but also created meaningful opportunities for residents to learn, share, and embrace the rich history and diversity of this captivating country.”

The joyous atmosphere at Wickmeads care home during this week-long celebration reflects the commitment of the staff to create a warm and engaging environment for the residents. As they continue to explore and celebrate cultures from around the world, Wickmeads remains dedicated to providing a vibrant and fulfilling living experience for everyone.

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