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Birthday Care Avengers Assemble!

We do love it when we get a cracking team line up…..and how about this one thanks to some great snaps from our very own Becki Kidd!


A top squad formation!

Gareth Southgate may need to re think his team formation -this bunch are on fire – on the BBQ at least!

In fact they’ve got up to so much it’s left Patrick flat out!


“Jumpers for goalposts – BBQ in the garden – marvellous!”

It’s been a busy few days at Wattsfield in the South Lakes – trips to Blackpool and marking a birthday for full time gurner er Gooner – Shane! (if you don’t believe us click here

“It was a great day for the whole house, plus we also invited Oaklea employees and customers from nearby Manor Barn. It was Shane’s birthday BBQ. All staff and customers preparing everything together -it was really nice.” Oaklea Support, Becki Kidd

Please note on behalf of Oaklea – we cannot endorse or promote Arsenal (or any other team!) -we remain firmly sitting on the garden fence…well until Team Manager and BBQ MC Jean Kilpatrick does the honours…


Watch out Leon….Steve C has is eye on the prize!


Jaw dropping moments continue…

If all the BBQ birthday excitement wasn’t enough – Patrick & George had a ‘liquid sunshine’ trip to Blackpool and the SeaLife Centre! But it did prove a great chance to test their outdoor gear…!

George & HarveyAlison and myself had a great day out in sunny (rainy) Blackpool!” Becki adds between zipping up her coat!


Guess what -It’s all part of the wider plan!

Ensuring such activities take place and making the most of life is all part of meeting Oaklea’s wider strategic objectives…

  • “Deliver outstanding care, learning and personal development” -Do what we do well
  • “Attract, develop and retain high quality team members” – Do it with a great team! (yes you Becki and gang!)
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