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Behind the scenes with Jordan!

Our Learning2Live (L2L) project in Windermere has marked a big moment this summer as our first 4 young adults will move on after three years with us.

Are you sitting comfortably – then we will begin!

To mark this and to promote the concept we made a video to explain what it is all about. This will be primarily aimed at people who work with us in the Local Authority in Adult Social Care (who refer people to L2L) and Adult Education plus other stakeholders and partners -and of course potential future young adults and their families.

Let the action begin!

  • Director – Jordan B, L2L
  • Producer – Simon D, Oaklea Marketing
  • Runner/General Top banana – Kevin H, L2L Job Coach and man of many music Tee’s (!)

Watch the video here (4.50 duration)

How it started

We began with a half day long filming session at the Windermere house back in March.

Creating a narrative

Then over 4 sessions at Oaklea HQ we started to put the short together. This involved reflecting:

  • Filming scenes at the house, doing life skills (cooking, living together etc)
  • Work placements that the Learners did (like RSPCA BownessMarchesi Centre WindermereOxfam Kendal and Oaklea HQ Kendal)
  • Travelling independently and getting to know the area/having a social life

Jordan the digital maestro

Jordan -with our assistance – then started to put the film together using a combo of laptop, tablet and phone – in fact the biggest challenge we had was co-ordinating the sheer variety of software/app – a fitting tribute to how patient Jordan was that this didn’t phase him at all! Plus deciding how the story would flow and what needed to be a priority.



This involved some of the following

  • Editing and formatting the video footage.
  • Selecting still images that reflected as much as possible life at the house – from the dedicated Learning Room to work experience to getting involved in their community.
  • Getting the thoughts and quotes from people – from family to work hosts to team members.

Decisions decisions…

What to put in and what to highlight…included:

  • The focus on learning (Open AwardsSupported Internships etc)
  • Reflecting the fact that the film would work in conjunction with the L2L Prospectus and web pages
  • Moving On – what happens towards the end of the L2L experience

Lights, camera – graphics!

Within the vid we also created a story based on what the housemates had learnt & gained:

Jordan on the make!

Jordan says he loved being part of this project – it also became part of his wider learning programme – using his computer and digital skills! (We caught up with him on his way to his work placement at Oxfam)


Showing now..

The first person to see the completed video was Oaklea CEO Clive Wigley (it was also got it’s public premiere at the Oaklea Group Employee Awards in Penrith on Friday 21st June)

Time for a celebratory meal…al fresco!

The sun may have set for now on making this ‘corporate’ video….but new ventures beckon – we wish Jordan and all connected with him – the best!

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