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Back to the Future with Steve!

“Thank you all for making it a special day for Steve, it makes us happy to see him happy” Mum & Dad

Time for a little celebration – one time long term (and much loved) customer of OakleaSteve Corrance, has returned to the fold.

Let the housewarming begin says Steve!

All this for me – must move house more often!

He’d been dipping his toe in the water elsewhere…and now he’s landed ashore with Oaklea again!

Steve has a brand new home with Oaklea! Form an orderly queue and he might let us in! There’s a ribbon to cut first though!

To the Manor BORN

Much work has gone into his new home – work was underway in the summer to create a space that not only met his needs but which looked the way he wanted it to! A brand new bathroom and bedroom – and as you can see he’s got a bit of unpacking to do yet!


It’s hard work being a local celebrity – but don’t get me out of here!

Living up to Oaklea values…

“Individuality, independence, interdependence, rights, respect, dignity, privacy, partnership, choice”

Big move – big steps – exciting times!

Are we sitting comfortably Support Team?

He’ll also have a great support team around him – some of whom he has known for a long time!

Mum Michelle & Dad Joe are equally happy with the move…Here’s Mum Michelle Corrance:

Memory lane…you look familiar!

Steve of course is a familiar face to Oaklea – here’s some of his appearances over recent years – He’s had a particularly strong relationship with Oaklea’s Alex Mayo-Williams and Katie ‘Morty’ Corrie.

Changing rooms – Not time for bed yet…

Better let Steve get unpacked….come on you two – hop it!

All the best to Steve in his new home…no more ‘swanning around’!

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