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Baby steps – that get results!

“What a great achievement for Suzanne” Lisa Clarey, Oaklea Team Manager

How about this for a tale to melt the hardest of hearts from a lovely lady Oaklea support in the North East! (Especially appropriate as we celebrate National Carers Week). Her support, Margi tells all in her own words in this rather unique way to make a long held dream come alive…

The Beginning of a Dream

“From a young age, Suzanne from Spennymoor, County Durham, had an innate desire to care for and nurture a child. She often spoke of her dream to have a baby, imagining the joy and fulfilment it would bring to her life. I had been working with Suzanne, and understood the depth of her longing and was determined to find a way to help her achieve this dream in a meaningful and realistic manner.” Oaklea’s Margi Wright

The Realistic Baby Doll: A Step Towards Fulfilment

Margi’s solution was both creative and compassionate. She introduced Suzanne to the idea of a realistic baby doll, one designed to look, feel, and weigh like a real infant. This doll would allow Suzanne to experience the joys and responsibilities of caring for a baby, providing a safe and supportive environment for her to express her maternal instincts.

Lisa Clarey, Team Manager: “Suzanne’s face lit up with joy when Margi presented her with a range of realistic baby dolls and she soon picked her favourite. She named the doll Poppy May Dixon, a name she had long cherished for her imagined child. With Poppy in her arms, Suzanne’s nurturing spirit blossomed. She dressed Poppy in adorable outfits, fed her with a toy bottle, and even sang lullabies to her. For Suzanne, Poppy was more than a doll; she was a realization of a lifelong dream.”

Poppy May Dixon: A Symbol of Love & Achievement

Suzanne’s bond with Poppy May Dixon grew stronger each day.

Lisa adds: “The experience of caring for Poppy brought immense happiness and a sense of purpose to Suzanne’s life. She learned about the routines and responsibilities of motherhood, developing skills and confidence that enriched her daily life. Margi provided continuous support, guiding Suzanne through the process and celebrating each milestone with her.”

The presence of Poppy May also had a positive impact on Suzanne’s overall well-being. She became more engaged in her daily activities, showing increased enthusiasm and a sense of accomplishment. The love and care she poured into Poppy reflected her deep commitment to her dream, making her journey all the more inspiring.

Baby steps – team steps – together we can!

Lisa deftly sums up what Margi & Suzanne have succeeded in doing:

“Suzanne’s dream of having a baby came true in the most heart warming way, thanks to the compassionate support of Margi and the introduction of Poppy May Dixon into her life. This journey not only fulfilled Suzanne’s longing for motherhood but also brought joy, purpose, and a sense of achievement into her life. Suzanne and Poppy’s story is an inspiring example of how dreams can be nurtured and realized with love, support, and a bit of creativity.”

Mum’s the word?

You may recall Suzanne is already our very own Queen Mum…she was an absolutely fabulous ‘Queen‘ for the Coronation celebrations a year ago!

Margi, Suzanne & Lisa – objectives met and then some! 

“Do what we do well: Deliver outstanding care, learning and personal development”

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