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AVERio to offer free fall detection tech in partnership with Care Workers’ Charity

AVERio, a pioneering company in the field of fall detection technology for the care sector, has announced that they will be giving away their tech for free as part of a new campaign with the Care Workers’ Charity.

The campaign will see AVERio’s fall detection and monitoring software offered free of charge to care workers who are also looking after someone else at home – such as a friend or family member.

Built on over 30 years’ experience in the social care industry, AVERio know how hard care professionals across the country work. There are thousands who, as well as caring for others as their day job, also have family members and loved ones they are caring for too.

That’s why care workers who, as well as working to provide care to vulnerable people in society, are also caring for their own loved ones, can gain free access to AVERio’s technology.

This includes the ability to receive daily reassurance messages that a vulnerable family member is up and going about their normal routine, and raising awareness if something doesn’t quite look right.

An app is used to receive notifications including whether a family member has come downstairs, opened the front door, turned on the kettle or TV, or whether they would like to be called.

AVERio co-founder Phil Neilson said: “AVERio helps to reassure you that the family member you care for is okay and going about their normal routine.

“It also means that when you do speak to your loved ones, the conversations can be focussed on what you really want to talk about, rather than running through a list of questions about what time they got up, whether they have had a drink, whether they closed the front door and many other typical welfare questions!”

They added: “For us it’s about supporting those in the industry that work hard to keep some of the most vulnerable people in society safe and well.  We have a deep love of the industry and want to help in any way we can. We hope this helps to ease the workload for anyone who not only works hard to care for others at work, but at home as well.”

A spokesperson for the Care Workers’ Charity added: “We are delighted to be able to extend AVERio’s generous offer to care workers who have previously been supported by our crisis grants.

“This has given the recipients peace of mind knowing that the loved ones they care for at home are going about their usual daily routines. Thank you AVERio for partnering with The Care Workers’ Charity and providing such a thoughtful opportunity.”

AVERio, recently announced as Rebel StartUp of the Year for 2023 at this year’s StartUp Awards North West, was founded to support innovation in the care sector and ultimately improve safety and quality of life for those in receipt of care.

The Care Workers’ Charity was founded in 2009 with the mission of advancing the financial, professional and mental wellbeing of social care workers by making grants, signposting to resources and providing access to services.

If you would like more information about AVERio’s sensors and their mission, visit their website at or call 0161 552 4224.

To find out more about the Care Workers’ Charity, visit their website at

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