A unique collaboration between disabled customers of Surrey Choices and Dorking station staff has led to the instalment of two pieces of creative art for travellers and visitors to Dorking to enjoy.

A group of artists from The Larches Activity Centre and a photography group from The Dorking Community Group worked together with station staff to create two truly unique pieces of artwork celebrating the beauty of Dorking town and the surrounding area.

A member of the Surrey Choices team,

Activity Facilitator Catherine Wigley, passes through the station regularly and got talking with station staff about her organisation, Surrey Choices, which provides care and support to disabled people across Surrey. Station staff were inspired by the Core Values of Surrey Choices and were keen to work together to create a lasting legacy for local people which would brighten up Dorking station.

Cat took the idea back to customers and staff at Surrey Choices who were delighted to get involved and to make a contribution to the local community.

Cat said, “Customers worked with station staff to design the artwork, making sure they had a good understanding of what was required, and together they set about taking photographs of the town and the local area and developing ideas for the creative design and the materials they would be using. It’s been an incredible process to watch the ideas take shape.”

The artworks comprise a textile work using glue technics onto stretched canvas as well as a mosaic depicting Dorking high street. The artists learnt about how to use the materials and the health and safety aspects of handling them, as well as the creative design process and about working as a team to a deadline.

Spencer Timothy Rolfe who attends The Larches said, “I enjoyed working on the mosaic and I am very proud to see it in Dorking Station and the smiles it puts on the customers faces. The coffee from the station cafe tasted great too!”

The artworks were revealed at a ceremony at Dorking Station on 2 October 2019, by customers from The Larches Activity Centre along with Rachel Halliday, Station Manager and Jerry Ratcliff a member of Surrey Choices Executive Team.

Rachel Halliday, Dorking Station Manager, said “I am extremely proud to be a part of this project, and the pleasure the customers from Surrey Choices have been given from it. Thank you very much Cat and The Larches”