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A historic day out for residents from Chaucer House and Bridge Haven care home

On Sunday 4th July, some residents from Chaucer House and Bridge Haven care home were invited to attend the ‘Historics on the hill’ race day event at Lydden Hill race track. 

‘Historics on the hill’ is well known for its action-packed day of racing with the Historic Racing Drivers Club (HRDC) all competing for the HRDC Jack Sears trophy (for Touring cars 1958 – 1966), the HRDC Thermex Allstars trophy (for pre ’66 GT & Touring cars) and the HRDC Classic Alfa Challenge (for 750 – 116 Alfa Romeos).

Home Manager Heather Nwansi and the care team at Chaucer House actively support residents to revisit past interests and hobbies and work hard to tailor activities and day trips around their interests.  Knowing resident Dick was a keen rally car driver in his younger years, Heather knew this would be the perfect opportunity to evoke fond memories for him of his days on the race track.

Robert, Dicks son in law, who also attended, said, ‘Dick was a keen rally car driver in his younger years; a trip to Lydden Hill is his ideal day out! He really enjoyed seeing the historic cars racing and the beautiful line of Alfa Romeos on display. It certainly brought back a few memories for him, including one memory when he raced one of his cars with his friend Gerry in the 1954 Monte Carlo rally!’

Larry and Roy from Bridge Haven care home equally had an enjoyable time at the race track as they too have an interest in cars and motor racing.

Julie, an Activity Coordinator at Bridge Haven, said, ‘Thank you to everyone who helped make the day so memorable, Roy and Larry thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it has since opened up further discussion about their past interests in motor racing.

We’ve been searching online for information and pictures on historic cars and race day events. We intend to display these pictures and other information we gather into a book to look back on. It’s been delightful hearing Larry and Roy talking with other residents about the cars they saw on the day.

A big thank you to the team at Lydden Hill and MMS360 for inviting residents and staff to the race track for a first-class day out!  For more information on Lydden Hill visit

For more information on Bridge Haven or Chaucer House care home please call Michael Chalk, Family Liaison Manager on 07923 152162 or visit

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