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7 Keys to Citizenship Ahoy!

“Being a citizen means having a life of meaning – your own meaning. When our lives don’t fit our passions, interests and abilities we are diminished” 7 Keys to Citizenship


One of the big advantages of having the Lakes on their doorstep for many of those we support – is that getting active & learning new skills on the water is like a duck to…..

Hello sailors!

A great example this week comes via George & Leon, supported by Martin and Penny. They put on their deck shoes, spliced the main brace, got tacking and made a splash on Windermere.


Jean Kilpatrick, landlubber & Team Manager “This was organised through Blackwell – part of Lakeland Arts at Bowness. As well as a fun session the weather meant it was a cracking day for sailing too!”

We are sailing…

You can see our folks are having a great time – no ‘sailing close to the wind’ for them!

Ensuring those we support live the fullest lives is all about the “7 Keys to Citizenship.”

They are: (Courtesy of the Citizen Network)

  1. Freedom – being a citizen means being in control of your own life – being able to make decisions, make mistakes, make your own way.
  2. Direction – being a citizen means having a life of meaning – your own meaning. When our lives don’t fit our passions, interests and abilities we are diminished – but if we can find a path that is right for us then we help other people to see us with respect.
  3. Money – money is important, but may be not for the reason we all think. Money gives us the means to be independent, to set our own course and to achieve our own goals.
  4. Home – we all need a place we can call our home, not just a shelter, but a place where we can have privacy, where we can be with those we love, where we belong.
  5. Help – we live in a world where we imagine that needing help is bad, even though we all need help everyday and the giving and receiving of help from others is the key to a good society.
  6. Life – and it is by giving something back to our community that we can really help others to understand our worth. And there are so many more ways to give back than we think. We can contribute by just being there, by buying, by joining in, by working, by laughing or even by crying. But we cannot contribute if we are absent. 
  7. Love – the beginning and the end of citizenship is found in love. Through meeting, working with and joining in with other people we can form relationships, friendships, find lovers and make a family.


The 7 Keys work in so many ways…

Whilst George & Leon were busy avoiding shark infested waters – their housemate, Steve was meeting with Anna from Oaklea Finance – his 7 Keys were all about the money element -as he -with support, Jesse, is getting ready for a holiday to Blackpool.


Find out more about the 7 Keys here


So that’s a lot covered just by a day on the water (and on land)!

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