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301 reasons to love numbers!

“Many people say they have had bad experiences with maths, don’t need it or can’t understand it, but everyday numeracy is an essential skill, required for budgeting for shopping, helping children with homework, carrying out tasks at work and much more.” National Numeracy Day, DfE

Today is National Numeracy day#NationalNumeracyDay and here at R2W Community Learning we’re taking on the big numbers!

Multiplying numbers on Numeracy Day!

This was all part of the national Multiply basic maths & numeracy programme which R2W are delivering here on behalf of W&F Council and UK Government/DfE (Department for Education).


Chattering classes!

The session – called ‘The Big Natter’ was packed with people R2W and Oaklea support plus we also had some people via Beaumont College in Lancaster, Sandgate School, Kendal and 4Eden in Penrith.

Why getting to grips with numbers is important

National Numeracy Day is all about empowering adult learners and employers across the UK with essential numeracy skills. National Numeracy Day serves as a reminder of the importance of numerical proficiency in everyday life and career progression.
Multiply courses, funded by the government and delivered by organisation’s like R2W, offer a unique learning opportunity for adults aged 19 or over to build their numeracy skills. From basic maths taught through fun classes like cooking, gardening and woodwork to more advanced classes, the courses are designed to meet diverse needs and empower learners to navigate numerical challenges
confidently.” DfE

It’s good for business & society too!

“For employers, investing in the numeracy skills of their workforce is key to driving business growth and enhancing productivity. From
basic numeracy training to advanced financial literacy, the courses are designed to align with business objectives and foster a culture
of continuous learning. On National Numeracy Day, adults across the UK are encouraged to invest in their numeracy skills, while employers are urged to prioritise the development of their workforce’s maths competencies. By getting involved in the Multiply programme, individuals and businesses alike can unlock new potential and confidence.” DfE


It all has a domino effect & benefits us all!

“Everyone can learn to be good with numbers, with the right support. Multiply numeracy courses help you to manage
your finances, give you the tools to support your children’s learning and can even boost your job prospects.” DfE

Philip & Danielle put the domino theory to the test…


More about Multiply

All contact details for Multiply programme are on this link Plus find out more about National Numeracy Day here Also go to these hashtags #SkillsforLife #Multiply #NationalNumeracyDay

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