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101St Birthday is full of joy for Joyce

Resident at The Lawn Care Home Celebrates Her Milestone Birthday in Style

 At Friends of the Elderly’s residential care home, The Lawn, in Alton, Hampshire, the care team has been celebrating with resident, Joyce Colley, as she enjoyed her landmark 101st Birthday.

For her extra special day, The Lawn care team ensured Joyce had a birthday to remember. They decorated the care home in an array of beautiful celebratory decorations and presented Joyce with a delicious 101st birthday cake. The team also arranged a tasty afternoon tea party for Joyce and her care home friends and, of course, made sure everyone sung a resounding ‘Happy Birthday To You’ to the birthday girl.  

Joyce grew up and went to school in Richmond, Surrey, a place famous for its Royal Parks, celebrity residents and hidden gems including Marble Hill House and Pope’s Grotto. Richmond was also home to Richmond Palace, a royal residence in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries where Queen Elizabeth I died in 1603.

The team at The Lawn regularly encourage Joyce to reminisce about her incredible 101 years. She recalled that growing up in the 1920s and 30s she would receive her pocket money on a Saturday and would then spend it on sweets at the local corner shop on a Sunday, “I didn’t save my weekly allowance, it burnt a hole in my pocket. I loved my weekly trips to the local shop. Being able to pick out a selection of sweets was a real treat,” said Joyce.

Joyce worked as a Clerical Assistant and following her marriage to her husband, Stuart, became the proud Mother to two sons, Raymond and Paul.

“As a child, I’d always wanted a push bike, but back then they were rather expensive, so I never had one. When my sons were growing up, Stuart and I made sure they had their own bikes, but I still never had a go and mastered the art of cycling,” Joyce added.

Talking about Joyce’s special day, Alina Gutu, the Registered Manager at The Lawn said: “Joyce is a joy to be around and reaching the grand age of 101 is something to be recognised and celebrated in style.

“Joyce brings a lot of fun and laughter to The Lawn and she’s very creative. Joyce’s particular favourite activity is arts and crafts, her attention to detail and eye for how colours match and complement each other is a real skill.”

Joyce, who was born in 1921, and has seen many changes over her lifetime and seen five Monarchs rule the country. King George V was on the throne when she was born until his death in 1936. He was followed by King Edward VIII, King George VI, the charity’s late Royal Patron, HM Queen Elizabeth II and now King Charles III.

During her lifetime, Joyce has also witnessed a vast range of inventions come into being. From the creation of hearing aids, the television, talking films and helicopters to frisbees, car seat belts, microwave ovens, mobile phones and the internet – the list is quite endless. However, when Joyce was asked what she believed was the most important invention to her, she replied “the wheelchair” as now she finds it extremely useful.

Joyce has been a much-loved resident at The Lawn since December 2017: “I decided to come to The Lawn as I really liked the look and feel of the home. I was particularly taken with the bedrooms and communal areas. The activities are wonderful and everyone here is so friendly,” Joyce added.

 Alina continued: “All the care team wanted to make sure Joyce had a happy and  memorable 101st Birthday. She’s such a lovely lady who is a well-loved, friendly and caring member of our Lawn family. We’re all so glad Joyce enjoyed her very special day. The care team, her care home friends and I all wanted to make it as special as possible for her, as she really is very special to all of us.”

Joyce concluded: “I have had a really wonderful 101st birthday, it’s been a lovely day. I’ve been totally spoilt and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed my wonderful afternoon tea party. Everyone had a great time.

“Someone asked me what I wanted for my 101st birthday. I said to be 21 again, so I could enjoy it all again.”

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