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A year on – well what a year we have had – thankfully someone captured it!

A year ago this month we welcomed a group of young guys to our latest project – and their new home! As it was a huge moment – then and now -they wanted to celebrate this with you! Hands up if you agree…….that’s a resounding YES then….

Rakehead Cottage, a new Supported Living home on the edge of Ulverston in South Cumbria has proven to be a massive success. It’s hard to believe only a year has gone by.

Luckily the forward thinking Oaklea support team, with the willing assistance of the gang who live there, captured the past year – so enough words…let the images do the talking….so pull up your favourite chair grab a brew and relax to this – 20 minute film created by and for a superb bunch (oh and you…lol):

Huge round of applause to the lads and team at Rakehead – especially Carol Birkett & Joanne May

For more background on Rakehead click here Rakes progress and here You’re ‘nicked’!

Must dash…..someone called S Spielberg on the phone……

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