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Meet Savitaben – our multilingual resident ambassador

Shining a spotlight on some of our amazing resident ambassadors, we introduce centenarian Savitaben, who loves sharing her passion for languages with her fellow residents.

Moving into Aashna House, our care home in Streatham Vale, London, seven years ago, Savitaben didn’t realise what an active role she and her fellow residents would play in the running of their home. 

Growing up in Zanzibar and travelling the world, Savitaben has experienced lots of different faiths and cultures, so was delighted that the residents at Aashna House, a home rich in cultural and religious diversity, embrace one another’s festivals, celebrating together as a family.

And it’s during those festivals that Savitaben delivers speeches, in a variety of different languages, to the residents on the significance of each festival and how each is celebrated.

“As Resident Ambassador I feel privileged to share my knowledge with the other residents. It keeps my knowledge alive and my brain engaged and is so important,” she explains.

“When I lived in Zanzibar, we had so many different communities and we celebrated everyone’s religious festivals like a family, and it’s just like this here at Aashna House.”

Savitaben graduated from the University of London with a BA in several languages, including Gujarati, English and Sanskrit (ancient Hindu language). Her role as resident ambassador enriches her life, by giving her a sense of purpose and significance. 

And for Savitaben, it’s also the care of the team makes the home such a special place.

“Aashna House is my sweet home from home. I get so much here, the care, attention, food – this is my extended family,” she explains.

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