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“Many care operators today are facing more financial pressures than ever before. It is therefore imperative we offer our members a way to address such cost pressures without compromising on the quality of care. I am therefore delighted to announce that Marr Procurement, the Care Sector Procurement Specialist, has joined the National Care Forum as a new partner in 2017.” Vic Rayner, Executive Director, NCF

For organisations entering into a commercial arrangement with Marr Procurement, NCF has secured a number of substantive discounts.

Gainshare: Marr Procurement works on a gainshare arrangement where they charge a percentage of an audited saving once consumption of a good or service from a preferred supply agreement has occurred.

This arrangement works for two years after the establishment of the agreement. However, for NCF members the gainshare period has been reduced from two years to one year. A significant material saving.

Fixed fee: In addition, NCF have negotiated a full waiver of the fixed monthly fee. This is a permanent waiver, and of course, depending on the length of engagement can represent a significant savings of thousands of pounds, as the standard fee is £2000 per month.

Finally, members may be interested in a brand new service that Marr Procurement has developed, which brings the benefits of procurement to organisations of all sizes.
Their new online buying portal gives clients access to a regularly competed and managed supply base, particularly valuable if they don’t have their own procurement person or team. Marr Procurement will work with great suppliers, with the whole management and supply process independently audited by Deloitte; enabling an unexpurgated audit report to be sent to each client in relation.

In addition, if you wish to be connected to an NCF member already using their services then please review the testimonials on the website, and NCF can connect you directly.

“It is a privilege to be involved with the National Care Forum. I have worked in the UK care sector for a little over 45 years and never before have I seen the kind of cost pressures that care operators are facing today. Marr Procurement is like a breath of fresh in that not only do they produce outstanding results but they are also open, honest and nice people to work with. At a time when the UK care sector is facing real financial difficulties, if there is one organisation that can help to reduce operating costs without compromising on quality or care, it’s Marr Procurement.” Sir William Wells, Chairman, Marr Procurement

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