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We are always on the look-out for case studies from our members that showcase collaboration and cooperation across the Integrated Care Systems. 

We are interested in case studies that demonstrate how you have worked together with local partners, and the wider systems to achieve:

  • something which benefits the entire system and/or
  • something which ensures that social care’s voice is heard

We are also interested in case studies that illustrate the importance of the contribution of social care.

We’re happy to accept case studies in a range of formats including videos and podcasts. We have created a document with things to think about for case study submissions. This document can be downloaded at the following link – NCF Case Study Crib Sheet: Engagement with Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) – or can be read below.

Please send any case study submissions to Nathan Jones – Senior Policy, Research and Projects Officer via email :

NCF Case Study Crib Sheet: Engagement with Integrated Care Systems (ICSs)

Below is the case study crib sheet which has some headings and questions that may be useful when you are thinking about developing your Engagement with ICSs case study. 

NCF Case Study Crib Sheet: Engagement with Integrated Care Systems (ICSs)

Thank you for agreeing to provide a case study regarding how you have engaged with ICS(s). This will be shared with other NCF members and on our website to help providers engage with their system partners. Learning points will also be used in discussions with NHSE, DHSC and sector partners regarding models for engagement.

We are keen not to dictate the format and length of your case study. We offer some headings and questions below which might be helpful to you in thinking about what to include. We are interested in receiving case studies in a range of mediums, including videos and podcasts.

This guidance will be available on the NCF ICS webpage.

The type of engagement you have achieved

  • At which level(s) of the ICS architecture are you engaged- system, place, neighbourhood?
  • What was your main route to engagement: (including what worked and what didn’t work)?
    • Direct
    • Via collaboration / membership of another org- e.g. CA; Local Authority; provider collaborative; VCSE alliance; Healthwatch; Health and Wellbeing Board; historical relationships with CCGs
    • Via service provision
  • Where engagement is via collaboration or membership of anther organisation (e.g. care association) are there Terms of Reference or a Memorandum of Understanding in place regarding how the collaboration works and the role of the representatives in the ICS governance.
  • What type of engagement have you achieved?
    • Strategic planning about service design
    • Work programmes
    • Workforce planning.
    • Design or service provision for care pathways,
    • Digital and / or data projects
  • If your engagement is via service provision,
    • is this new or historical (i.e. it has continued from previous engagement / funding / collaboration with CCG / HWB)?
    • is it a pilot or permanent service?
    • How is this funded and what is the duration of the funding? Are funding streams straight forward or are their tensions regarding who pays (LA/NHS)? If so, what is the impact
    • how was the performance / outcome framework agreed?
    • what are the management and governance arrangements for the service?
    • is there a risk sharing agreement in place?
    • is the service a stand-alone service within a care pathway or part of an integrated or multidisciplinary team? – if either of the latter who employs the other members of the team?


Are there particular relationships which have helped to facilitate your engagement- who are your main allies?

Did you receive any support for your engagement, including ICS innovation or engagement funding?

Do you have examples of examples of work that would not have been possible without being able to draw upon the wider health, care and public sector via the ICS?

The voice of social care

Does social care have an equal voice at ICS forums where there is social care representation?

Are there different social care representatives at different levels or representing different areas within your ICS(s) footprint?

Are social care priorities embedded in the strategic focus and metrics for deliverables of the ICS?


Can you provide details of communication channels with and between social care provider representatives?

How does communication across social care representatives and with the wider social care sector work?

How does the ICS communicate with social care providers across its geographical footprint?

Key Messages 

What are the key achievements from the engagement?

What are the key lessons learnt from the engagement?

What is your/ your organisation’s time commitment to engagement?

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