HUR is a world-leading supplier of strength training equipment. Based on 25 years of experience, HUR provides a comprehensive solution to train older adults on safe air-resistance exercise equipment that has the capability of testing and measuring results, creating training programs and reporting outcomes in an easy and accurate way.

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Strength, & Balance Training, whether for re-enablement, falls prevention, or to maintain or regain independence and lifestyle (and reduce costs of care) it really is ‘never too late’…

Enshrined within the 2011 CMO ‘Public Health Guidelines’, the recommendations for older adults (65+) were a paradigm shift in emphasis….but how to do-so safely, enjoyably, and inclusively, and whilst gathering an evidence base?

HUR, from Finland, have been working within ‘elderly care’ for many years, supplying pneumatic (air-based resistance) equipment, together with (optional) SmartTouch technology to enable this…easy to operate, personal settings, joints protected etc..

East Asia, and the Nordic countries seem to lead to way in these areas, but we are learning fast in the UK, and 2018 will witness the start of the PANINI project, and by which time there will be several HUR SmartTouch Care/Retirement facilities operational within the UK.

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