With support from a Social Care Digital Pathfinders grant through NHS Digital’s Digital Pathfinders project, the charity Friends of the Elderly has been working with Allycare and KareInn to link acoustic monitoring with electronic care planning in its care homes. The charity has utilised the integrated technology to develop a new way of working at night which allows the care team members to safely respond to alerts rather than going into residents’ rooms and disturbing their sleep.

Between its launch in September 2019 to June 2020, the three care homes – comprising 90 registered beds – that have participated in the pilot have experienced a 55% reduction in night time falls and a 20% reduction in hospital admissions, compared to the previous nine months. This is at the same time as a 75% reduction in the number of unnecessary physical night time checks conducted by staff.

The pilot project involved three of the nine care homes that Friends of the Elderly runs with Allycare’s wireless-enabled acoustic monitoring devices being installed in residents’ rooms with their explicit consent. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) capability powering the device filters out background noise unrelated to the person’s activity, works out their activity profile based on sounds they make, then classifies and interprets sounds according to whether they are normal or abnormal for that person.
As a result, the device can identify night time events such as unusual movement or calling for help and raise an alert to the care home staff. The data from Ally is then pushed to the KareInn Digital Care Planning system, where a resident’s complete care history can be accessed.

The manager of one of the pilot care home’s commented that: “We have learned so much about our residents through the new system, which means our care is more appropriate and beneficial to them. With Ally, my team can assist residents before anything happens. They are now much happier as they know they are providing safer care for our residents.”

Thomas Tredinnick, CEO at Ally said: “At Ally we strive to help enable the best possible care. We are thrilled to support staff in providing safer care and are excited about how we can further improve care outcomes by combing our data with KareInn’s.

Rachelle Mills, CEO at KareInn added: “We are thrilled about the success of the pilot case study so far and the impact it is having on residents and staff. We’ve built the KareInn platform so that technologies like Acoustic Monitoring can be added to a resident’s care plan, making the evidencing of care even more robust.”

Jessica Stone, Head of Marketing and Communications at Friends of the Elderly added: “We have been delighted with the results of the pilot project. The project is supporting us to continue to provide the best possible care, respond to any night time concerns more quickly and to deliver better resident health and wellbeing.”