Book Nurses And Carers The Easy Way

Florence is the online marketplace dedicated to connecting vacant care home shifts with nurses and carers who are looking for extra work. No agency required.

With over 20,000 nurses across England and Wales, we can fill vacant shifts within minutes in most areas.

We have streamlined the process of booking independent nurses and carers making it easier than ever to get your shifts filled

How It Works

  1. Care home providers post their vacant shifts at a price that they can afford
  2. Nurses in the area are notified and apply
  3. Care home operators select the worker based on their experience, skills, qualifications etc
  4. After the worker has completed the shift, they submit an electronic timesheet and are paid 7 days after the timesheet has been approved



Why Florence

Significant Cost Savings: Care operators can expect to save between 20% – 40% on their monthly staffing costs

You’re In Control: select the worker that is best for your facility, based on their skills, ratings from previous engagements and more

Zero Cost For Full-Time Recruits: If you would like to offer a Florence worker a full-time role, you can do so at no cost to your organisation

To start booking nurses and carers, give us a call on 020 3911 2555 or email: [email protected] outlining your needs.

We’ll get back to you to book a meeting where we can demo the platform and give you access to start booking workers.

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