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Cyber security and the continually changing environment

Cyber security and the continually changing environment

Whilst the National Cyber Security Centre is not currently aware of any specific cyber threats to the UK, during periods of uncertainty, cyber-attacks are more likely to happen. It’s essential that you and your staff understand how to be cyber savvy; some attacks are often successful because of employee error, so it is paramount that you all understand how to stay safe. Cyber insurance is potentially even more vital for owner operated organisations which do not include a professional IT department. Particularly within Care, one of the biggest reasons for a cyber-attack to happen is down to Personally identifiable information (PII), which is high value personal information within care systems, that can identify the individuals that you look after. Below is an example of a cyber incident shared within the Towergate Cyber Steering Group. A family operated small company with 10 employees, had a family member running the administration of the company via their home computer. A criminal gang gained access and sent an invoice for £10,000 to all the contacts in the address book with the bank account details updated.  One of the company’s largest commercial clients made the payment to the criminals and as the invoice had been received from the owner’s email address, the client held the small business responsible. The owner then had a choice, lose the contract or reimburse the client. As there was no Cyber policy in place he was forced to pay. On 18th April, Towergate Insurance are sharing a cyber focused webinar with one of their insurance partners CFC. The webinar will focus on:
  • Sharing recent statistics about cybercrime within the UK
  • Exploring the different ways in which an organisation can be attacked
  • Assessing the problems that can arise as a result of data leads due to cyber-attacks
As the cyber criminals get more sophisticated with their methods, now is the ideal time to make sure you and your team know how to mitigate the risk of an attack. Register here.

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Apr 18 2023


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